Where Am I Now?


Hi all. Just another life update for you all. Where am I now?


Last time I made a life update, I was travelling around with my Aunt. That was 3 months ago! Time flies by when you’re having fun.
I decided to stop writing because I just wanted to enjoy my holiday in Aus.
I ended up with another Aunt and Uncle, and my cuzzy in Yamba for short holiday.

When I came back, my Mum, Dad, Brother and Sister joined me in Brisbane for their holiday.
I stayed with my Uncle and his family for a bit, and ended my holiday staying with my Aunt and her family. I ended my holiday a month and a half earlier than I had booked, because I was low on funds, unable to find a job, and getting a bit homesick. I enjoyed my stay regardless. I got to bond with the other side of my family, and learn a few things about Aussie.
Coming back, it took a whole month to find a job again.
I had a plan to find a job for a short while, and move to Napier after Christmas, but there was a small change.
I’ve lived in Napier since 2012 on and off, and I really love a lot about it. Cheap flights to and from Auckland, amazing produce, beautiful weather, and I have some great friends.
Unfortunately, but reasonably, no employer would want to hire me for the time I wanted to stay on Waiheke. I had offers, and after careful consideration, I decided a job is better than no job, and to push forward my plans to move a few more months ahead.
At least that way I have more time to plan and save, right? And I’m happy with the work that I currently have. I get to work close to my old job, so I get to see my favourite ex-colleagues! And it’s good pay with a decent amount of promised hours. Bonus!
I’m also part of a group on facebook for jobs in Hawkes Bay, and it seems like everyone is currently on the hunt. So this time will be good to keep my eye out for something good.
I’m always open for change, though. Like for example, my dream job popped up online not long ago and it was for a recipe tester in Auckland. I’d be silly to move away if I scored a job like that, right? Ideally, I’d like to live in Hawkes Bay because of the cost of living, the location, and the amazing weather. But, like I said, I won’t turn down a great job if I get the offer.
I don’t have high hopes for the recipe tester job, because I have no experience as a professional chef, but jobs like that pop up all the time here. Food photography, blogging, all sorts.

I was also planning to study primary teaching next year, but I lack enough maths skills to be confident enough to study, and I’m low on funds. So I’ve decided to hold off for a while and save, plus study up on my maths skills.

In the mean time while I’m enjoying Waiheke, I have a few things on my list that I want to tick off before I go.
One was go fishing on the kayaks, and I’ve already done that! I caught around 5 or so fish. Nothing big enough to eat, and I got terribly sunburnt, but I had so much fun! I’m still peeling 2 weeks later…oops!

I’m also around the corner from buying my first car. I’ve been looking at station wagons, a Honda Accord would be perfect, but it all comes down to KM’s and my budget.

I don’t really need to worry too much about travel on the island, because the buses are cheap, but it’s always nice to have freedom with a car. Go anywhere (that the island allows) on your days off, ice-cream runs, pick all your friends up for a swim/picnic at the beach…

I’ve also been feeling really down about myself lately, so I decided to think of ways I could feel more confident. What better way to do that than with makeup? So I’ve been watching a lot of tutorials on makeup looks, and I never knew I’d enjoy makeup as much as I think I do now. It’s a dangerous obsession to be in. It’s like when I started my obsession with stationery. $345 later and I’m the new owner of a 120 faber castell colour pencil set. Oops…
Makeup is very similar. It’s an art, and when you’re an artist, you want the best supples. I already have a wishlist with unicorn liquid sh*t that makes your face hydrated, on it. And highlighter that makes all the other reindeer laugh and call you names.

So yeah, I’m pretty happy with life right now. I’m just enjoying it as it comes, and taking any great opportunities that come my way.

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