Summer Rolls

Summer is just around the bend, and to kick it off, I wanted to share a recipe that my mum and I have been enjoying lately. It is the most simplest thing to make if you’re not so great in the kitchen. It’s healthy, cheap to make, and you can have it any time of the day! There are many variations of how to make rice paper rolls, and once you learn how to make them, you can start experimenting with ingredients! Or just go straight to that step!

Meg’s Summer Rolls

You will need:

Rice paper sheets
1 cup of julienned carrot
1 cup of julienned cucumber
Mint leaves
Spring onion
Vermicelli noodles
Lettuce leaves

Prawn optional
Sweet chilli sauce for dipping

Boil vermicelli noodles for approx. 3 minutes. Strain, cool down with cold water, then cover with a drizzle of oil to keep from sticking together.

Set out your ingredients. Fill a large bowl with water. Wet one rice paper sheet, and once covered by water, place on a dinner plate and start forming your rice paper roll.

Slightly off centre, place a small hand full of noodles. Top with your favourite veggies. Julienned veggies help to keep the rolls in place as the skin is delicate and fraying veggies will rip the skin.

Start wrapping with the longer edge first and tuck in the roll mix as you are doing so. Fold the sides in and roll once. Place a few mint leaves, on the skin before you roll again. Now add your prawns cut in half, coloured side down, then roll again to finish off the roll.

Serve with satay sauce or just plain sweet chilli sauce.

See! Very easy. A great way to get kids involved with dinner too. Hope you enjoy. DOn’t forget to upload pics to instagram and tag me

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