Lunch At Mudbrick


Waiheke is the island for fine dining and wine drinking. On a sunny day, the buses are packed to the brim with tourists from Auckland, people going back to their home country the next day, or even gold card holders lucky enough to come here for free! I often get asked the question
“What’s the best winery to go to?” And I can’t say much because even though I’ve lived here for a while, I’ve only really been to one.
For Christmas, my Aunty paid for my family to eat at Mudbrick. A 5 course degustation! It was an amazing experience, and the food was truly delicious. I managed to take photos of most of the dishes, and here they are!

dessertI’m loving living in Waiheke this time round! I’m meeting more people, I’m in a job that I love, and I have so many more things to do here! I’ve got a taste for trying out wineries, and I can’t to visit more. Tantalus might be a little further down the list (newest, fanciest) but at least I have plenty of places to try.

5 stars from me!

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