Living Alone

When I was 18, I moved out of home into a student accomodation arrangement where there were 12 villas with 6 bedrooms in each one. I lived on and off while I studied over the next 5 years, and it was a bit of a taste for independence for my adult life.

The most people I’ve had living in the same house at one time was 8 PEOPLE.

It’s been a great journey living with so many different people from so many cultures. Living so closely with so many people, I’ve learnt recipes, developed life long friendships, and met a lot of people through each other.
The good thing about living in student accomodation, was at the start of each year you were placed into new villas where mostly everyone didn’t know each other so everyone had to adapt and learn to live with each other at the same time. Moving into a new environment where the people are already adapted to the way they live, is a lot harder to morph yourself into. Instead of all finding a way to live together, you’re now in a situation where you have to adapt yourself to this new environment.

Since graduating, I have been living with my family for just over a year (apart from when I was in Australia for 2 months). It’s been great because of the convenience of boarding, and also seeing my pets every day, but I had to move out eventually.
My plans were to move to Hawkes Bay or Gisborne and find work so I was closer to my friends, but priorities changed when I started really loving my job and the people I worked with, and when the rest of my family including my brother decided to stay on Waiheke.
Once I knew what my plans were and decided I wanted to live on my own, I started looking. I moved out for 2 weeks into a flat with 1 other person and 2 dogs, but it didn’t work out so it was back with mum and dad for a couple weeks, then into my own place! Within a quick amount of time, I had found exactly what I was looking for from the start.
1 bedroom studio, fully furnished, which included all the utilities power, wi-fi, water, and even sky tv! Everything about the house so far has been so awesome. It’s so warm, it gets tons of sunlight, the doors open up like French styled doors, and the property has 2 beautiful cats named Harry and Tom Tom <3

The week before I moved out, I purchased my first ever car! A 2004 Mazda Axela which I really love. It’s been so incredibly convenient having my own car, especially when the only car the family have is used by my dad whose work hours are out of the rest of our schedules.

Just being able to drive home and pop into my parents house any day has been really great. When I’m low on chicken eggs or greens from the garden, I just pop by for the goods and a cuddle from my cat <3 sometimes I get the right day when mum is making something yum for tea! So I stay a little longer…

Another perk of living away from home is when I finish work most days, mum finishes at the same time so it works out easy that I drop her off on the way home. That way, I get to catch up with her and see my pets at the same time!

I signed for a year, so let’s see where this journey takes me! Watch out for my next post ‘Expectations vs Reality’ of living alone. I’ll talk more about what its been like living by myself, and things you may think happen/don’t expect until you live by yourself!

If you have any questions, drop a comment! And I’ll answer them in a new post.

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