Why I’m Going Blonde

I have put my hair through a lot of stress throughout the years. I’ve bleached the crap out of it multiple times, dyed it a whole bunch of odd colours, and had quite a few accidental bad hair cuts.

The last day I dyed my hair was 2 years ago at a hairdressers. I was getting ready for a date that never happened (oh well), and I dyed it brown but wanted an ombre finish which I never walked away with.  I guess I didn’t feel as comfortable as I thought I would leaving the hairdressers and never went back to one since then.
Hairdressers also cause me a bit of anxiety, not knowing if my hair will come out the way I want it to after spending a bunch of money, new people in my space, and a whole bunch of other reasons people without anxiety wouldn’t understand.

Anyway, the other night, I was sitting around thinking about how much I really didn’t like my looks. Apart from my weight, my hair has been an issue for a long time. It was frizzy, discoloured, and didn’t make me feel good. I know I can’t change my weight straight away, but I can change my hair. So at 6:30pm luckily the salon I wanted to go to was open, so I booked an appointment for the next day. 35 minutes on the ferry, 1 hour on the bus, and I was in Botany.

After showing the hairdressers pictures of what I wanted, we agreed to go as light as I could, and gradually do stages. Here’s the result!

I wanted to go much blonder, but clearly it’s a process that needs to be taken if I want to achieve the hair colour I really want. This is a good start! I’m very happy, and I’ve been getting the compliments I was hoping for. I feel so much happier about my looks. Getting the hair chopped too was nerve wracking, but I’m so happy I did it! It’s easier to wash, still looks long so I’m not missing out on anything, and it’s not all frizzy because of my split ends vanishing.

I felt bad about my looks, and I hate feeling bad about myself, so I changed what has been making me feel so down this whole time, and I’m so glad I did! A little bit of self maintenance always did a little good.
Watch this space for round 2!

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