How I Grew My Nails/ Stopped Biting


I have bitten my nails for as long as I can remember. I remember being made fun of in school, so it was always a sensitive issue for me. I found that when I had acrylic nails, it helped me grow my nails enough by the time I took them off. Even when they were looking better than before, I would either bite them, or pick at them until I had no nails left.

As a kid, mum always tried to bribe me to grow my nails, but nothing worked. Not even that gross nail polish stuff.
But alas, finally after 24 years, I have stopped biting my nails and grown them enough to tap when you do that finger then on a surface of a counter when you’re bored or in a mood.

Here is the process on how I personally defeated the nail biting habit!

GrownNailsFirst, I started with a bullet journal for October (which I didn’t end up finishing) and I had a list of tasks for the month I wanted to do everyday or almost everyday for a habit tracker. E.g brush teeth, have a shower, sketch, and other small personal things. When you finish that task for the day, you colour in a square and you can see your progress over a spread for the month and see how well you’ve done.
I had a ‘Don’t Ruin Nails’ category, so I knew if I started picking at my nils or biting them, I’d miss out on colouring that square. It became a conscious thing.

Not long after, I had bought a nail file and some clear nail polish. Whenever I had the feeling of picking my nails, I would file them. I carried the file with me everywhere, either in my bag, or in my wallet. This stopped any uneven surface or nail splinters sticking out that could cause me to rip my nails so I had nothing left. The nail polish I bought hasn’t been that great because it peels off very easily, but even just painting my nails with clear nail polish made my nails a little more prettier and presentable.

  • Bullet Journal habit tracker
  • Nail file
  • Clear nail polish

These three items were the best things that helped me grow my nails and stop biting them. I hope that they can help you break the habit! I can’t wait to go for a manicure!

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