19 Before 2019


2018 is only a matter of days away, and I feel so unorganised! Each year I plan a new goal, and every time I fail.
One goal I am very proud of myself for accomplishing this year, was growing my nails! I attempted to start a bullet journal, but it didn’t go to plan. The habit tracker helped a huge amount to encourage me to not ruin my nails, so I have a huge goal to be thoroughly productive with my bullet journal in 2018.
The best thing about the bullet journal, is that you can customise it however you wish. I bought a brand-new Leuchtturm1917 journal for my Christmas prezzy (they’re like $40 each).
The idea of the bullet journal is to help you keep track of your daily life like a regular diary, while also helping you accomplish regular goals and achieve new ones.

One topic people annually put into their bullet journal, are goals to complete before the following year. Next years goal title will be ’19 before 2019’. ‘Ya get it? My aim is to complete 19 goals in 2019, and here are a few (some are personal, so I’ll just share with you the top few).

  • Read 12 books – One a month. I love books, and tend to randomly buy novels off The Book Depository that interest me, but I never read them. I also have a ton of books I’ve started and haven’t finished I didn’t complete a single book in 2017, nor can I remember in 2016 either, so this is one I really want to achieve to not only expand my mind, but to extend my vocabulary and get away from technology more.
  • Post to blog 52 times – Now, this is a huge one…but blogging and writing are a huge passion of mine and my dream career, so I need to put effort into posting each week, and being consistent. This will build my professional portfolio, and give me a platform to be proud of. I might split it in half, but at least it’s more than I did any year since now.
  • Catch 2 legal sized fish. 1 fresh water, and one salt water. On the 1st, I purchased my own fishing rod! All up with everything, it cost me $390. Fewf! I better catch something soon.
  • Get better at drawing! Drawing is another passion of mine, but I feel like my mental illness has caused a lot of inspiration to get lost along the way and my passion wilted away. I haven’t drawn in so long, I’m going to have to re-learn how to do art, but I’m excited to get back into art! I think studying art for 5 years took a toll on me, but I feel more like it’s a choice now rather than a task.
  • One last task I’ll share with you for now is LEARN A NEW LANGUAGE.
    I pick up languages really easy, and I want to travel one day. I also live on an island where people from all over the world travel to, and to have a 2nd language under my belt will help a great deal. Half the people I work with are from Argentina, so I have plenty of help with Spanish there.

I’m hoping this year goes easy. Plans can always change so I’m open for whatever brings me the most happiness.

What are you goals for 2018?


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