10 Random Things About Me

Hi all! So, I don’t think I’ve actually done a post like this yet so I thought I would let you get an idea on who I am!
Here’s 10 facts or random things about me you might not already know.

  1. I’ve been to 7 schools. Not a lot for a few, but I also know some people that have only been to 2-3 schools.
  2. I’ve won about 5 comps in the past.
    – An iPod and previously from iTunes vouchers all from ZM.
    – A chilly bin from Annabel Langbein.
    – A cookbook from Sarah Tuck
    – A bullet journal from Gordon Harris
    – A lolly jar guessing game
  3. I’m obsessed with writing lists! (how ironic)
  4. Classes I’ve taken in the past:
    – Singing
    – Trumpet
    – Piano
    – Netball
    – Basketball
    – Pole fitness
    – Pottery
    – Painting
    And probably some other ones!
  5. I’ve only travelled to Australia and never any other country, but I have a big dream to go to the U.K and Canada!
  6. I’m really good at fishing! Or should I say catching fish, because the meaning is slightly different. I can catch plenty of fish and have always been good at that, but I’ve only caught a few legal sized fish in the past. Hoping to catch plenty this year! Our family looove fish.
  7. My cat has 3 legs. He lost his leg before he turned one. We think he was hit by a car but there wasn’t any proof. We tried to save his leg by giving him a titanium plate, but he bent it! And we couldn’t do much but remove his leg. It was a hard time for us because we love him so much, but Dad visited him EVERY single day and bought him treats. He also made the staff fall in love with him and each time he was bought in for check ups, they were so happy to see him! He’s been an amazing companion for my anxiety, and I couldn’t be any more grateful for my parents for forking out so much money to help save him.
  8. I hate bok choy. End of.
  9. I can write fluently in rune and had my own journal dedicated to being written in it.
  10. I’ve had my full licence for almost 4 years but never owned a car!

It’s hard to think of the most interesting or quirky things about you when you have to, but I guess these were the first 10 I could come up with. What’s 10 interesting things about you?

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